Epoch isn’t the kind of place most traders are used to – and that’s intentional. Step inside to see what makes us different, in all the right ways…

Our kind of workplace

Flexibility. Stimulation. Inspiration. At Epoch, we give people the conditions they need to thrive. It’s true that we’re no strangers to hard work. We value openness, clarity, and accountability – working together to get the best results possible. But we also know there’s more to life than trading, and that’s reflected in the environment we’ve created.

Epoch is a place that’s made for people with a desire to achieve.

For us, it’s about striking the right balance between stimulation and support. We challenge each other, and ourselves, on a daily basis. But we’re also here to help each other out – whether it’s by sharing knowledge, or providing health and wellbeing perks. The goal is simple: to do whatever it takes to keep ourselves on the top of our game.

Our kind of people

At Epoch we have a fine nose for talent. Our favourite type of person – someone who’s smart, switched on, and super motivated. Technical capabilities and expertise are essential, but we look for more in potential candidates. We expect passion, drive and a serious desire to succeed. We want people who’ll set their sights sky high, and who won’t be satisfied until their ambitions are realised.

We also like people who want to take ownership over their work. People who relish independence and make the most of opportunities. People who ask questions and add fresh perspective to our team. People who want to make their mark.

Sound like you?

We’re always interested in meeting potential candidates who are passionate about innovation, technology and the world of finance. If you’d like to work with us, please apply here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please submit your contact details and the following documents through the link below:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume

Current Opportunities